Today’s Belichick Press Conference Highlights

The media may think he’s a bore, but this is hallarious. Especially when it’s been asked and answered so many times that you already know what he’s going to say:

Q: I know you enjoy talking about injuries, so I’ll ask about one.

BB: Thank you.

Q: What is Mike Wright going through in terms of dealing with the concussion?

BB: He goes through whatever the trainers do with him. I don’t know; I’m not a trainer. We have injuries. The trainers treat the injuries based on the symptoms and what the treatment is and how all that works and what the process is. That’s what medical people do.

Q: Glad we could end on a high note.

BB: Yep. Thanks for asking that.

Randy Moss: One Clap

During Randy Moss’ tenure with the New England Patriots, he scored 50 touchdowns, was part of a legendary 18-1 team, and went 0-1 in Super Bowls, bringing the Patriot’s Super Bowl Record down to 3-2. Above 500, but not the 4-1 we were looking for.

I picked Randy Moss early in both my Fantasy Football leagues this year because I was planning on him being traded to the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Farve simply has been in the league far too long to never have the opportunity to throw to #84 (or #81, or whatever his new number is).

The fact of the matter is that Moss was the proverbial Turd in the Punch Bowl here in New England. As a captain, he failed to motivate the players around him. For a guy with so much raw talent, the only thing that keeps him playing on the field is making catches — which, all too often, he is unable to do with his butterfingers.

That being said, he’s a hall of fame receiver, I’m a true fan, his press conferences are pure gold, and I have a lot more respect for him after this compilation by DJ Steve Porter.

Belichick Reviewing Footage of Seau and Bull

Q: I think you acknowledged on the radio that there was a distinct possibility of Junior Seau coming here. Do you have any news to report on that? Is he coming? And what kind of impact…
BB: No, we’re still evaluating the bull-riding tapes.

Q: Did you see him get in a three-point stance?
BB: Yeah, we’re still going to evaluate those and break them down.

Q: What kind of impact does he have in this locker room. Theoretically, if you two were to come to agreement this week, would he be available this week?
BB: Right, well right now he’s not on our football team, so I think it would be inappropriate to even be discussing it.

Tom Brady Talks about facing Josh McDaniels

I’m totally obsessed and fascinated by Tom Brady. I’ll admit it. ‘

“You can’t go, ‘Well, coach you told me two hours ago that was going to happen if they lined up in this and he ran by me for an 80-yard touchdown,’ and you’re blaming the coach. Well, you’ve got to go play it. I think that as a player, that’s your responsibility. You take the information; you gather it from a lot of different sources. Then, you’ve got to go out and you’ve got to make the plays. All of those things can help you anticipate, and then, when you do see it, you really hit it. But in the end, if it’s not what you thought it was, you still have to be able to react to it.” -TB

Tom Brady Press Conference

Tom Brady in the Snow Bowl