Jack Edwards Drinking Game

The Jack Edwards Drinking Game

Drink 1 when Jack Says

  • At Ice Level
  • Chara’s Bomb
  • Cleans his Clock
  • D to D
  • High above the Ice
  • Layers
  • Intentionally Wide
  • It’s hockey night in New England
  • Off Glass
  • Takes the ice infront of him
  • Saucer Pass
  • Spoons It
  • Wing to Wing
  • Any Mild Sexual Reference, such as:
    • Cocks and Fires
    • Gets Banged (bangs him)
    • Penetrates
    • Reach Around
    • Spanks
  • Any synonym for sending the puck to the other end of the ice:
    • Oscillates the puck
    • Sends it the length of the ice
    • Sends it down the river

Drink 2 when Jack Says

  • 17,850
  • Against the Grain
  • Been in his Bonet
  • Blows a Tire
  • Blue Collar
  • Chinese Mustard
  • Circus Move
  • Dead Wood
  • End to End they go / Up and down the ice they go
  • Extra-Curricular
  • Heads up play by Bergeron
  • Hitter rather than the Hittee
  • Keystone Kops
  • Pinball
  • Pirouette
  • Serpentine Route
  • Spoked B
  • Tumbling Muffin
  • Whacky Bounce
  • Zamboni Doors

Drink 3 when Jack Says

  • 200 Feet
  • Any Obscure Reference
  • Juicy Rebound
  • Bobby Orr
  • Gretzky’s Office
  • On his Horse
  • Talks about Brick’s playing days
  • Winning Time

Finish Your Beer when Jack Says

  • 17,565
  • Dont Poke the Bear
  • How’s youre entertainment factor?
  • I learned this from You, Brick
  • Carbon Fiber Stick Inventor
  • Mahtha, the bahn’s on fayah
  • Powder Keg
  • Quantum Physics
  • Rock em sock em robots
  • South Shore Kings
  • There’s your threshold
  • Who has more fun than us?




Today’s Belichick Press Conference Highlights

The media may think he’s a bore, but this is hallarious. Especially when it’s been asked and answered so many times that you already know what he’s going to say:

Q: I know you enjoy talking about injuries, so I’ll ask about one.

BB: Thank you.

Q: What is Mike Wright going through in terms of dealing with the concussion?

BB: He goes through whatever the trainers do with him. I don’t know; I’m not a trainer. We have injuries. The trainers treat the injuries based on the symptoms and what the treatment is and how all that works and what the process is. That’s what medical people do.

Q: Glad we could end on a high note.

BB: Yep. Thanks for asking that.

Randy Moss: One Clap

During Randy Moss’ tenure with the New England Patriots, he scored 50 touchdowns, was part of a legendary 18-1 team, and went 0-1 in Super Bowls, bringing the Patriot’s Super Bowl Record down to 3-2. Above 500, but not the 4-1 we were looking for.

I picked Randy Moss early in both my Fantasy Football leagues this year because I was planning on him being traded to the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Farve simply has been in the league far too long to never have the opportunity to throw to #84 (or #81, or whatever his new number is).

The fact of the matter is that Moss was the proverbial Turd in the Punch Bowl here in New England. As a captain, he failed to motivate the players around him. For a guy with so much raw talent, the only thing that keeps him playing on the field is making catches — which, all too often, he is unable to do with his butterfingers.

That being said, he’s a hall of fame receiver, I’m a true fan, his press conferences are pure gold, and I have a lot more respect for him after this compilation by DJ Steve Porter.