Randy Moss: One Clap

During Randy Moss’ tenure with the New England Patriots, he scored 50 touchdowns, was part of a legendary 18-1 team, and went 0-1 in Super Bowls, bringing the Patriot’s Super Bowl Record down to 3-2. Above 500, but not the 4-1 we were looking for.

I picked Randy Moss early in both my Fantasy Football leagues this year because I was planning on him being traded to the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Farve simply has been in the league far too long to never have the opportunity to throw to #84 (or #81, or whatever his new number is).

The fact of the matter is that Moss was the proverbial Turd in the Punch Bowl here in New England. As a captain, he failed to motivate the players around him. For a guy with so much raw talent, the only thing that keeps him playing on the field is making catches — which, all too often, he is unable to do with his butterfingers.

That being said, he’s a hall of fame receiver, I’m a true fan, his press conferences are pure gold, and I have a lot more respect for him after this compilation by DJ Steve Porter.

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