Pro Ski Coach going into Maintenance Mode

It’s a mantra among technology startups. If what you’re doing isn’t working, kill it. Take the lessons that you’ve learned, move on, get better, iterate, release, repeat.

I’ve been trying to grow a community at Pro Ski Coach for a few years now. For reasons beyond my control, it’s been wildly successful.

In other ways, it’s been a miserable failure.

PSC is one of the highest hit water ski related websites. Ofcourse, we all stand way back in second place to Water Ski Magazine, whose summer time traffic totals inbetween 15 and 25 thousand unique visitors per month.

While PSC can make a dent in those numbers, I just have a feeling it can’t grow any further than that.

Some skiers just don’t want coaching. Other skiers dont get to ski enough to be interested in coaching, or even talking directly about water skiing techinque or theory enough to join a website community based on that.

SO kill it. Fail.

Pro Ski Coach will stay up, I have the domain name reserved for the next 9 years or something rediculous, anyways.

But I’m not going to keep pouring my heart and soul into building it up, trying to make it into something that it will never be.

I’m turning my attention to develop a Social Network for Water Skiing and Wakeboarding. Hopefully we can execute on the wakeboard end… but we’ll see.

In just a few short days, we’ve already managed to attract enough new users to wetJacket to convince me that this is definitely the right way to go. The most satisfying part is that we’re growing again at a rate that we never have before, and most of these new members were never involved in PSC.

So I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for reading.

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