Hi, I’m Wade Williams

I am an analytical polyglot software engineering leader with deep business knowledge. I’ve been working with the Internet since the ’90s and I love learning new things. I expect excellence and world-class effort from myself and from my colleagues. I believe that most teams can achieve better results in less time by using more data to drive decision-making. I have direct experience working with small start-ups through Fortune 500 & government organizations in the Automotive, Real Estate, Action Sports, and Consumer Internet industries.

Here are my current projects updated April, 2023

Consulting @ Flow Canon Software

Flow Canon offers professional software consulting services to a diverse set of clients, from start-ups to government enterprises.

✅ Coaching clients on prioritizing feature backlog to achieve maximum business impact
✅ Leverage business, design, and tech knowledge in order to align interests among stakeholders
✅ Communications Broker: ensuring that stakeholders and development teams are all on the same page
✅ Facilitating conversations with developers to improve delivery speed & quality
✅ Driving weekly and bi-weekly agile scrum processes with multiple teams
✅ Ensuring the client’s vision and the team’s understanding are always in sync

Partner @ Work.Farm Coworking Space

Work Farm is Teton Valley’s premier co-working space. Leveraging years of experience working remotely combined with technical know-how in order to deliver co-working services to Teton Valley.

✅ Fostering an entrepreneurial environment and building a highly functioning culture
✅ Leveraging years of co-working experience in order to deliver services to Teton Valley
✅ Implementing best-in-breed technologies to automate access for members and guests

Co-Organizer @ Teton Tech Meetup

The Teton Tech Meetup brings together technology enthusiasts from the Greater Teton Region including Wyoming and Idaho.

✅ Plan and host Tech Meetup events in the Greater Teton Region
✅ Grow the tech scene by connecting locally based technologists and entrepreneurs
✅ Develop programs that satisfy the needs of the local community


– The Marketing Seminar | Certificate Holder
– Florida Southern College – Lakeland, FL | Graduated Cum Laude
– B.S. in Computer Science – 4.0 GPA within C.S Major | Minor in Mathematics & Law
– DMAFT Certified™
– Inaugural Y Combinator Class Applicant & Startup School Attendee @ Harvard University
– St John’s Prep – Danvers, MA | Computer Science Award winner


Director of Engineering @ Gun.io

Gun.io provides software engineers for-hire.

✅ Built web application to run Gun.io’s business
✅ Hired, trained and coached engineering team
✅ Instantiated developer relations team responsible for vetting technical talent
✅ Over 3 years development time, 6800 merged pull requests with >96.5% bug-free rate
✅ Contributed to business growing 50% year over year for consecutive years

Chief Operator @ Sprint.ly Agile Project Management

Sprint.ly is a simple yet powerful, developer-centric project management tool. As Chief Operator I wear several hats in a fast-paced startup environment:

✅ Product Manager: creating specs, user stories, documentation, and designing tests
✅ Customer Advocate: talking with customers in a front-line support role, researching user needs, conducting interviews
✅ DevOps Practitioner: creating dev tooling and contributing to software operations
✅ Achieved a 50% reduction in costs within the first 6 months, an 80% reduction after 18 months.

Senior Software Engineering Lead & Product Manager @ Local Motors Inc

– Wore many hats in a fast-paced startup environment
– Managed 3-8 person teams of designers and developers
– Lead projects using Agile methodologies and acted as scrum master
– Full life cycle experience identifying and implementing cutting edge technologies
– Replaced reliance on vanity metrics with comprehensive tooling to track all user actions
– Frequently responsible for delivering company-wide updates at weekly all-hands meetings
– Wrote software code while acting as release manager for large web-based software product
– Worked closely with a diverse group of internal and 3rd party stakeholders to create user stories
– Designed, developed and deployed crowdsourced & collaborative product development platform

Founder, Facilities Manager, Professional Athlete & Coach @ ProSkiCoach LLC

– Grew coaching business revenue through 2007-2009 economic downturn
– Achieved over 95% success rate with clients by tailoring communications to their needs
– Managed day-to-day operations & conducted maintenance on an 80-acre facility with no official staff

Wade Williams Water Ski Magazine July 2007
Wade Williams Water Ski Magazine July 2007

Promaster Camper Van Build Out (Suprise! I owe you lots more articles on this.)

Nepal Trip 2016 – Annapurna Circuit, Volunteer work for HRA (I owe you articles on this)

Webmaster @ NCWSA – @NCWSA I still have your domain name on my account. Let me know where to transfer it.