It all started out with some stellar advice from Google Maps.

Followed by a helpful phonecall

A few more wonky directions later and we’d found the location.

But then it got more interesting.

Musing in Jackson

Spent most of today going through Seth Godin’s Freelancing Udemy.com course. It was pretty solid. Definitely gets your brain refocused on brand building and story telling. Overall it was a good waste of time.

After today I’ll be packing up and driving for the next week or so. It’s about time to relieve the Phoenix storage unit of its goods. After shopping around a bit, any sort of move that required hiring respectable individuals was going to be over a thousand dollars… which leaves me picking up the Chevy in Salt Lake City before I roll down to Phoenix and rent a U-Haul Trailer for a price of approximately one hundred dollars.

Once I’d sufficiently filled my head with information for the day, I broke north just in time to capture a fairly epic, impromptu photoshoot of the Abacus parked in front of “The Bahn” famous from several pictures you can find of Jackson Hole.

Abacus 200000

On July 28, I peeled out of Salt Lake City on my way to Jackson, WY. I’d spent the last few days trying to find a place to live. There weren’t that many options and the houses that were available were well overpriced. The rental market in Salt Lake, at least in the Sugarhouse area, has surged out of control in the last few years.

The Abacus has served the last 8 years as my faithful boogie van. Before Salt Lake, we traveled from Las Vegas, San Francisco, Bishop CA, back to Jackson and out to Denver after originating in Phoenix for this July’s King of the Road derby.

Shortly after departing Salt Lake on the 28th, a major milestone was reached: Abacus 200000

I’m hunkered down at Spark Jackson Hole where I can get some real focus on the projects I have in the works. Sticking to a tight daily budget has been essential on this trip: no luxury accommodations in Jackson for me. Camping under the Grand is just as good as any five star hotel.

A message from the bears

The bears in California are smart. Not only did they figure out how to speak exceptionally articulate English, but they also commissioned this sign for the Mono Pass trailhead.

Attention Humans! A message from the bears
Attention Humans! A message from the bears
Sunset on the way into Bishop, CA
Sunset on the way into Bishop, CA

We were excited to read the explanation of what could happen if you went ahead and drove away from the pump with the nozzle in the gas tank. This has been a constant fear I’ve had since I started driving. I’m glad to hear that some gas stations have gone ahead and posted the exact cost of replacing the parts in such an event.