Resuming Operations May 10, 2016

Kathmandu, Nepal

US Presidential Race “Interesting Enough” to Return from Nepal Early

After 10 weeks of travels in Nepal with little-to-no internet connection and a considerable helping of fear & loathing, Donald Trump has won the Republican race for President.
I’ve taken this development as a sign that it is time to come down from the mountain. We already had the best half of the Clinton administration…


Manang, Nepal, Gangapurna Lake, & Annapurna III

Global Search Begins

Today we embark on a global search to identify the next generation of transformative commercial products or services.

We will use the power of experimentation to create, test, and validate new products and services at a pace paralleled by the startup industry — and we’re thrilled to begin taking pre-orders this month!

This global challenge has already begun in Kathmandu and will continue to move west over the next several days. To submit your idea for a new product or service, click here.

While our challenge is more conceptual at this stage, there are no specific themes or industry segments constraining us. However, we have already developed IP in the following segments: niche real estate, co-working, retail/ecommerce, technical recruiting, boutique adventure racing, and voluntourism.

I am returning to the United States. You can expect to receive regular correspondence from me beginning May 10.

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