Nothing in Nepal is Up To Code

Or, how the United States are Nerfed™

Here is a shot of the roof of our hotel where we lived from March-May, 2016.

Roof of Hotel Yeti in Manang, Nepal

You’ll notice on the edge of the roof there are no guard rails to protect the surplus population from a tumble down three stories. The black hoses running this way and that — what may appear to the naked eye to be trip wires — are in fact the convoluted hosing required for a solar shower to work properly. The large water tanks interspersed on the rooftop and solar panels are of similar purpose.

Snowy Steps on the roof of Hotel Yeti in Manang, Nepal

This snowy staircase is poised on top of a sloped metal roof with a three story drop on the one side. On the other side, (just barely visible to the right) you’ll notice a one-step staircase down from the blue metal roof to the relative safety of the concrete roof. But don’t let that fool you, the one step in between roofs is scheduled at a 25° angle and covered in snow. It goes without saying that a walk way such as this should not have any means to prevent a mis-step.

Of course it’s worth navigating all this extravagant danger before your first cup of coffee in the morning to capture the morning light from our vantage point atop the fabulous Hotel Yeti in Manang, Nepal.

Sunrise over Hotel Yeti in Manang, Nepal
Chongkor View Point in Manang, Nepal shot from roof of Hotel Yeti