Back to Boston, Still Learning

Been somewhat absent over the past few weeks… managed to transplant myself and most of my earthly posessions from Orlando, Florida back to my hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts. There’s a whole new laundry list of challenges that I need to deal with back here… and none of them have to do with coaching water skiers!

As I pick away at those things that I have to do better bit by bit, I might not be the most frequent blog poster ever.

However, one thing I do almost every day is read the newspaper internets. You can see the things that I find interested over on the right side of this page. For lack of anything better to say in today’s blog post, I just wanted to point out today’s lesson from none other than 50 Cent.

50 Cent’s first major album was mostly amazing. I’m down with albums that nearly every track is a banger, and Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ is exactly that. I’ll spare you the long story, but Curtis Jackson has been shot in the face multiple times and ya he’s still here kicking… for whatever good that is.

I have a tendency to spend prolonged hours at bookstores, browsing and power-reading through a couple books while I’m there. I’ve looked at The 50th Law once or twice and browsed it quickly – more jokingly than anything else. It’s a full leather bound piece of work complete with the golden edged pages just like you’d find in the Bible. I thought it was laughable, but after reading this excerpt, it’s on my to-buy list:

When you work for others, you are at their mercy. They own your work; they own you. Your creative spirit is squashed. What keeps you in such positions is a fear of having to sink or swim on your own. Instead you should have a greater fear of what will happen to you if you remain dependent on others for power. Your goal in every maneuver in life must be ownership, working the corner for yourself. When it is yours, it is yours to lose — you are more motivated, more creative, more alive. The ultimate power in life is to be completely self-reliant, completely yourself.
as seen here

Good words… I know I need to learn how to be more self-reliant. Also very interesting today was this post about different money metaphors

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