Flow Canon Full Stack Product Development
Flow Canon Full Stack Product Development


Work.Farm Coworking Space in Teton Valley 
Work.Farm Coworking Space in Teton Valley


ProMaster Camper Van Build Out
ProMaster Camper Van Build Out (for the love of the gods I need to add more articles)

Teton Tech Meetup (Meets every other Wednesday!)


Nepal Trip 2016 – Annapurna Circuit, Volunteer work for HRA (I owe you articles on this)

Local Motors – Web Product Director from 2011-2016

Pro Ski Coach – Founder / Lead Developer 2005-2010. (Still ranks well in google even though the years have not been kind to its PHP back end. Ping me if you have an idea for what I should do with it)

NCWSA – I ran the National Collegiate Water Ski web presence back in, I don’t know, say, 2003-2006 or so? I still have their domain name on my account. @NCWSA Feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to figure that out.

I used to Slalom Water Ski professionally, and coach skiers. I’m still reasonably capable in that regard, but I don’t get to spend that much time in the boat anymore.

Wade Williams Water Ski Magazine July 2007